The September 9th 2016 Tea Party meeting has been cancelled. We also regret to inform everyone that the Punta Gorda Tea Party we will no longer hold regular meetings.  The general decline in membership interest makes it impossible to justify paying the large annual insurance fee in addition to the monthly cost of a meeting room. After discussing the less that positive membership survey results, the board members voted 4-0 to disband the organization. Again, the meeting previously scheduled for September 9th, 2016 is cancelled. For those members that regularly attended our meetings, we say “Thank You.” Over the next few weeks the board will be clearing up a few administrative actions and deciding what to do with any leftover funds and property.  We hope everyone will continue to demand our elected leaders support small limited constitutional government, fiscal responsibility and free markets.

Fred Eyrich Chairman

Bert Walker Vice-Chairman

Linda McGreevy, Board Member

Christine E. Pontoriero, Board Member