PRESENT: Co-Secretaries David Morris and Bob Peterson, Co-Vice President Paula Schaff and Bert Walker, President Fred Eyrich and member Rose Eyrich. 

Fred opened the meeting at 6:33 PM. 

1)  David Morris's resignation. 

Due to increasing demands on his time, David resigned from the Board. He offered to continue in his responsibilities until his position was filled, but Paula agreed to relieve him of those. The Board thanks David for service, and wishes him well. 

2) Q&A page on the website 

Bert will administer a FAQ section on the website; questions (with answers) should be sent to him. 

4) Reading: "Our greatest blessing:" EXCERPTS: Russell Kirk, The Roots of American Order, ISI Books, 2003, pp. 26-27. 

Accepted for reading.           

5) Proposed presentation or short debate:  "Resolved, Democrats and the mainstream media were correct in blaming Republicans for the shutdown of government in 2013 (to defund Obamacare.)" Tabled. 

6) Discuss Dec. meeting.

Eric Golub, political comedian, will speak for 45 minutes; will have books for sale.

7) Discuss Nov. General meeting.

Robert House is a local, past sheriff deputy, and will be speaking about what we can do to improve the recall process in the state of Florida.

Frank (Chick) Petrosino is a member of the Republican Executive Committee and he will present things done by the Republicans that Democrats take credit for. 

Also, Fred will advise membership about the election to replace David. 

Also, a cold-cut buffet will be provided by members. Peg Kellner and Syliva Torok have volunteered to help in the kitchen. Sandwich dinner will be served and Rose will oversee. 

8) Consider two T-shirt designs by Tom Bond. (Tom would like us to sell these, either retail or wholesale to other Tea Parties to make money.) 

Because poor sales with prior T-shirts, the Board declined.

Adjourned: 7:40 PM

General Meeting Minutes

 September 3, 2015 


Mailing:  PMB 62, 3941 Tamiami Trl #3157, Punta Gorda, FL 33950

Bayfront Center YMCA, 750 W Retta Esplanade, Punta Gorda, FL 33950 

Board Members Present:  Fred Eyrich, David Morris, Robert Peterson, Paula Schaff 

Meeting was opened at 6:35 PM by President, Fred Eyrich. 

Invocation was given by Reverend Anderson, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Fred Eyrich welcomed all members and vistiors to the meeting. There were three newcomers. 

President Fred Eyrich introduced Doctor Karen Effrem.  She commented on the origin and basics of Common Core.  There are a number of corporate sponsors of Common Core and they are involved in and supporting it.  Common Core has been implemented by our State as part of existing Florida law. 

Doctor Karen Effrem spoke about some of the problems with Common Core and the organization responsible for the development of the Florida Standards Assessment.  There are several bills in the federal government related to Common Core that we should write about to our elected officials.  Dr. Effrem presented the 2016 Presidential candidates’ positions on education and offered advice as to what individuals can do about Common Core. 

Doctor Karen Effrem closed her presentation after taking a couple of questions, but said she would be available to take questions after the meeting. 

President Fred Eyrich announced Mr. Bert Walker as a candidate for the Board of Directors.  Bert was unanimously approved by a voice vote to join the Board. 

President Fred Eyrich gave the treasurer's report beginning balance for August was $1,173.11; deposits $70.75; less expenses $75.00; for a Cash balance of $1168.86.  Petty Cash of $100.00 and Coin value of $570.30 make total assets of $1,839.16. 

President Fred Eyrich reminded the membership of the opportunity to sign up for a course offered by Americans for Prosperity. 

Paula Schaff invited the membership to attend an event hosted by Freedom Works being held in Kissimmee. 

Bob Peterson spoke to the membership about the proposed Iranian nuclear deal, explained the dangers it presents, and encouraged the membership to take actions in opposition of the treaty. 


*Fred Eyrich reminded the membership of the upcoming tour of the Charlotte County Jail. 

*Fred Eyrich announced the Power Through Unity event being held this month by the NAACP and asked for volunteers for to man a table for the Punta Gorda TEA Party. 

*Paula Schaff updated the membership as to the progress of our website's renovation. 

Fred Eyrich introduced Keith, who spoke about a workshop to be held on September 19th by Tina Lawler regarding education in Charlotte County. 

Fred Eyrich invited members to participate in Open Mic. 

*A member inquired further about the pending course to be held by Americans for Prosperity, and Mr. Louis Piche helped answer the member's questions. 

*A member spoke about the Charlotte BOCC wasting taxpayer money, and its disregard for the will of the people of Charlotte County. Fred Eyrich addressed his comments, in agreement. 

*Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM, with 50/50 drawing following. 

Minutes prepared by David Morris, Board Secretary. 

Minutes reviewed, corrected and submitted by Paula Schaff 12/1/15

General Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 5, 2015 

Before the meeting opened, members were treated to a “Welcome Back” buffet prepared by members to welcome our out of state members home.  Thanks to everyone who did a wonderful job putting this together.  A special thanks to Rose Eyrich, Peg Kellner and Sylvia Torok who manned the kitchen. 

Board: Present:  Fred Eyrich, Robert Peterson, Paula Schaff, and Bert Walker.  Absent:  None 

President Fred Eyrich called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm. 

Following the Invocation and Pledge, Fred welcomed first timers and acknowledged candidates and dignitaries. 

Fred announced that David Morris had resigned.  As a result, he called for any interested member to let Paula know.  This person would serve the remainder of David Morris's term which is 2015 and 2016.  We need to elect a replacement as soon as possible. 

January 2016 Annual Meeting & Elections:  Fred stated the term he is filling expire at the Annual Meeting, January 2017.  He will be running for re-election to the Board.  If you are interested in running, please let Paula know and she will discuss the process with you.  Candidates will be announced at the December meeting. 

Fred introduced Guest Speakers as follows:

Chick Petrosino who made an outstanding presentation on the accomplishments of Republicans for the benefit of blacks – which the Democrats have taken credit for.  This is a great tool to use during the election.  We will be posting this on our web site and will notify you when it is posted. 

Robert House gave his time to Jason Hoyt last month.  He moved to Charlotte County in 1989 spent 7 ½ years as deputy on for the Sheriff's office and ran for Sheriff in 1996. He has changed his mind about the State Recall process because he thinks it would be expensive and a waste of time to try to change it.  He covered several other issues of interest to the members.  You can read this for yourself in Statute 100.261 which is five pages long and is mostly B.S.    He covered several other items of interest:  704.01 for Property Easements outside City; asking each elected official for Article 6 Oath of Office and name and address of their Bond.  He referred us to a website that I can't bring up, so will contact him to see why. 

Linda McGreevy talked about the knowledge gained from the AFP Leadership Conference in Orlando.  She is a believer in our Country that we've sold out, that we need to stand up and be counted, not just say yes.  We have to have an emotional connection to make a difference.  We need to change the narrative. 

Marilyn Lehman talked about the Front Porch Social (neighborhood outreach) at Linda McGreevy's house.  It is sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.  The meetings are once a month.  Next Meeting is December 7th.  Bring a friend and enjoy the opportunity to meet like-minded members of your community and discuss the policies impacting your community and discuss the policies impacting your lives!  To verify dates and times in case of change, contact Linda McGreevy at 717-805-7236. 

Louis Piche had a new flyer on Grassroots Leadership Academy training that starting in January. Dates and items covered are:  Session 1 – January 12 – Make the Case for Economic Freedom; Session 2 – January 19 – How the Left Operates/Grassroots History; Session 3 – January 26 – Communities vs. Networks; Session 4 – February 2 – Share Freedom by Telling Your Story; Session 5 – February 9 – Tools of the Trade/Social Media; and Session 6 – February 16 – Effective Messaging.  We need more people to participate.  Contact Louis Piche at 239-910-5436 or email him at Lpiche@AFPHQ.org.  

Mal Kenney gave us a story about how to “recall government officials”!  You will have to ask him about the story. 

Reading (Robert Peterson) - Reading: Our Greatest Blessing: EXCERPTS: Russell Kirk, The Roots of American Order, ISI Books, 2003, pp. 26-27. 


*Fred asked everyone to take a look at the Plaques in the back, one from Chamber of Commerce and one from NAACP.

*Questions and Answers are on the website.  If you get asked other questions, let Paula or Bert know and we will add to the existing ones.

*Next Board Meeting – November 24, 2015  at 6:30 pm – Republican Headquarters, 2171 Tamiami Trl, PC   (meeting subsequently changed to December 1, 2014).

*Next General Meeting – December 3, 2015 at 6:30 pm – Bayfront Center YMCA, 750 W Retta Esplanade, PG - “Eric the Comedian” (Eric Golub) will entertain and inform.  He will be selling his books.

*New Taxes due this year are as a result of the Affordable Care Act – they were sent out in an e-mail. 

Fred called the meeting closed 

50/50 raffle (Keith won and gave it back) and shirt raffle completed 

Respectfully submitted by Paula Schaff 12/1/15 

Type your paragraph here.



 PRESENT: Co-Secretaries David Morris and Bob Peterson, Vice Presidents Paula Schaff and Bert Walker, President Fred Eyrich, and Events Chair Rose Eyrich.

Fred opened the meeting at 6:35 PM. 


1. How do we raise funds? Continue to pass the can, or dues? 

Discussion; Settled on a mixed approach -- requesting donations quarterly, seeking sponsors (whose names and other info would be posted on a page in the PGTP website). Also will speak to members about raising funds through yard sale, bake sales, sales at fairs and flea markets, sale of T-shirts, including ones with quotations.   

2. Proposed Reading 

EXCERPT: Victor Davis Hanson, "Is the West Dead Yet?" National Review, 9/8/15.


Reading Accepted 

3. 20 questions on the US Constitution (provided by Keith Flaugh of the Florida Citizens Alliance,) which had been prepared for school board candidates in Collier and other counties. Should the Board provide these questions for possible discussion by membership in breakout sessions? 

Discussion; it was noted that some of the questions went beyond what could reasonably be expected. Bob also stated that the membership's knowledge was already probably above average; that the problem laid with the people who had no concern for the Constitution. Item was placed on hold; Paula will contact Jim Johnson; Fred will speak to Keith. 

4. Request by Charlotte County NAACP for donation 

            Discussion; no donation authorized; Paula may call Holly Harris as a courtesy. 

5. Additional items 

Bert cited his experience in his South Carolina Tea Party with regard to assessing political candidates: Passing on the vetting of candidates by Freedom Works; allowing members to speak on behalf of particular candidates, then posting the membership's collective opinion. We will probably be doing at least the second element of that here. 

Bert or Paula may contact Alan Page of South Carolina to help line up speakers.

Bert and Paula are to be joint administrators of the website.

For members wishing to post materials on the website that is outside our purview, links may be provided to such material if it can be located elsewhere on the internet.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.



PRESENT: Co-Secretary Bob Peterson, Co-Vice President/Co-Secretary Paula Schaff, Co-Vice President Bert Walker. President Fred Eyrich, Director of the President, Rose Eyrich, David Morris, member. 

Fred opened the meeting at 6:30 PM. 

1)  Past General Meeting Minutes

Minutes for March through November 2015 approved w/o objection.

2)  Last Board Meeting Minutes 

Minutes for September and October 2015 approved w/o objection.

3)  Replacement for David Morris

            So far, no volunteers 

4)  January Meeting - Election

            So far Fred is only candidate

Board could meet that night or have a different Board Meeting to pick officers -- no decision made. 

5)  Consideration to eliminate the "LLC" meaning we would not be an organized corporation.

John Nelson, Chairman of Highlands Tea Party, sent Paula a letter advising her of the advantages of non-incorporation of the Tea Party. It would remove the need for liability insurance. It would prevent the Tea Party from conducting events in venues that required insurance, an issue that came up in the early years, but not much in the recent years. Paula will discuss this with membership at the Dec. 3 General Meeting. 

6)  Consideration of termination of Advisory Board?

As the Advisory Board has been inactive since its inception 9 months ago, and because the need for it appear to be unclear, Paula will send a letter to the Advisory Board members asking them their views on termination of the Advisory Board. 

7) Proposed Reading:

EXCERPT: Whittaker Chambers, "Letter to My Children," cited in Rich Lowry, "I Was a Teenage Conservative," from Mary Eberstadt, Why I Turned Right, Threshold Editions, 2007, page 284.

Approved w/o objection. 

8) Consider speaker from Tony Robbins group discussion; did not feel such a speaker would be appropriate for the Tea Party agenda. 

9)  October Treasurer's Report

            Approved w/o objection.   

10)  Proposed: Toward the purpose of currency and relevancy, only the last three months Board and General Meeting minutes will be posted on the website.

            Approved, w/o objection

The text of the Readings will be linked to a hub page in 4thofjuly.info, and so will continue to be available regardless of the date of presentation. [PS: Reading’s link is posted in the News & Issues Section under Links of Interest.] 


            Lou Piche of AFP will show training video at the General Meeting.